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    The State Govt. launched a scheme in 1980-81 to enable the members of legislature to execute the small schemes of their choice that are developmental and are based on immediate felt local needs, as per the guidelines issued for this purpose. Under this scheme Rs.50.00 lakh has to be provided to each member of the State Legislative.



    The objective of this scheme is to facilitate immediate execution of locally important schemes, whose execution may otherwise span over a large period - as per the list of Do's and Don't indicated in the guidelines.



    This is a State Plan Scheme whose expenditure is fully borne by the State Government.



    Each legislator is supposed to indicate choice of schemes to the tune of Rs fifty lakhs per year to br taken up in his/her constituency to the concerned Deputy Development Commissioner, which will get them implemented by following the established procedures contained in the guidelines and circulars issued by the Rural Development Department.


    Contact Info:

    Local MLA/MLC may be contacted for schemes to be taken up under Community Development Programme.

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