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    The world is changing constantly and it is said that ‘those who do not change, they perish in the cut throat competition of survival.


    Human beings are the part of biological evolution and witnessed the various changes like agricultural evolution, science evolution and technical evolution.

    The world has changed from baggies to buses, cars, railways, aero planes.

    From posts to World Wide Web (www),

     From schools to e- education,

     From radio to satellites

    And so on.


    Changes are the part of life without which progress can’t be achieved.

    For simplification,

    We can classify ‘change’ in three broad types viz.

    Ø Sustainable changes,

    Ø Discontinuous or random changes and

    Ø Tsunami or unexpected change.


    Sustainable changes are the natural changes, where humans can’t interfere or it is not under will power.

    For example: growth of a child into an adult is natural and continuous process.

    Continuity is the law of nature and we can’t break the laws of universe as There Is No Alternative (TINA).  Any interference with the nature can damage the life cycle or unbalance of human life.


    Random changes are discontinuous; they come and disappear in the nature but can disturb the human life. Pandemic or endemic diseases in particular seasons can cause disturbances and are random changes.


    The third and very important change is the tsunami change or unexpected change which brings lots of unpredicted changes and can change the lifestyle or hypnotize the people.

    For example: Change of traditional vendors to the shopping malls or

    Selling of land for industrial set up or Democracy after a forceful slavery is also the biggest change.

    A change from inequality to equality is also a tsunami change.


    When we try to correlate our life with the advanced technology, we can experience the tsunami change in our lifestyle and in thinking process.

    Homo sapien sapien (humans) has been facing the new evolution of technology.

    Life has changed its functioning process and has become more technical and professional.

    Uses of sophisticated gadgets diminish the emotional quotient of human beings. Success has occupied the place of happiness and took over the charge of brain.

    Heart is also technically modified as brain and working continuously for success and forgot to connect with life.  

    Life has become more complicated and entrapped in the 24 hours clock.


    The disturbed biological clock, stressful life, cardiovascular diseases and other psychological stress, health problems are some of the problems rose due to the modern technologies.


    It is said that “if we want to achieve something in life then we have to lose something” Though we have achieved something but we have lost many things. Technology has given us most comfortable life but also created nuclear families, where we don’t have time for our beloved ones.

    Yes!!!! We know that every coin has two sides


    We can’t ignore the technology because it has played a very important role in human civilization and will play in future too.

    Everything in excess is poisonous!

    But sophistication has become the part of human life but somewhere life needs introspection for further better life.

    Life is god’s gift for everyone, why one should waste this wonderful life? Life is just once, live it!! Live for yourself, for beloved ones.

    Enjoy the freedom of soul and let us thanks everyone to whom we owe to.

    Let us be the free from all bindings and say

     â€˜Deep in my heart, I do believe that we shall overcome one day’.



                  Sarika N. Suryawanshi


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