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    It is said that if you are educating a girl, you are educating a family, so any society can’t progress until women are educated. Educated girls are the foundation of a successful society. But in Bihar, as the concreteness of high schools are not appropriate, especially in rural and middle-rural areas. The girls generally use to drop school due to long distances and difficulty in conveyance. In a way to help them to reach the school, in 2006, Mukhyamantri Balika Cycle Yojna was initiated. In this scheme, the girls of Std. IX are provided cash to buy a bicycle. Earlier the amount was Rs. 1600 but, from this year the amount has been increased to Rs. 2500.


    As in adolescent age of girls, parents are very conservative and orthodox and do not feel safe in sending girls to school alone. But, the cycle scheme has changed their mentality as after getting bicycle, girls are not supposed alone and parents are very hopeful about their future. The scheme also tries to make parents greedy about their girl’s improvement and change the mentality to overcome gender inequality in Bihar.

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