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    In a state like Bihar where most of the population lies below average standard, generally parents hesitate to send their daughter to school due to fear of expenditure in copies, bags, uniforms and other such materials even though, there is no tuition at all. In a society where girls are still thought as a liability, a motivational step was needed to bring them to school.

    In a way towards bringing girls to school, Mukhyamantri Balika Poshak Yojna was initiated in 2006. Under this scheme, girl students of Std. III-VIII are provided financial support to purchase uniform and supplementary study materials or stationary items necessary for their studies. Initially, the scheme was only for girls of Std. VI-VIII and after its successful impact, in 2009 the scheme was extended for students of Std. III-V.

    In this scheme, the girl students of Std. III-V are provided Rs. 500 per year to buy two pairs of uniform and stationary items required for their study. For students of Std. VI-VIII, the amount is Rs.700 per year for the same purpose.

    The thought behind the scheme is to encourage parents who don’t dare to send their daughters to school due to fear of expenditure. This scheme is like a catalyst to send girls to school. With its successful result, the government is trying to extend the scheme for girls of Std. IX-XII.

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