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  • All about Rashmi Singh’s books: The very successful woman author from Bihar


      All about Rashmi Singh’s books: The very successful woman author from Bihar.

    Rashmi Singh, a famous author and a well known name in Literary Circle was born and brought up in Bihar. She graduated in Political Science from Patna Women’s College (Avila Convent) after completing her schooling from Notre Dame Academy, Patna and Loreto Convent, Ranchi. Thereafter, she did CTE (Certificate in Teaching English), Masters of Business Administration, from IGNOU. She further completed her Post Graduation in Political Science from Vinoba Bhave University, and was the second Topper of her batch.
    An active blogger, her blogs appear in the Asia Section of an International website, htpp:// by the names, Riviera: Beauty of Confidence by Rashmi  and Lost Tranquility
    Here is a peep into her books:
    Love’s Journey: Published by Pustak Mahal, in May, 2011,this novel speaks about the unusual saga of love.
    Debolina Sen of The Economic Times, Kolkatta, in its 1st July, 2011, edition, writes “Depicting the life of a woman who dreams of true love, Rashmi Singh has knitted a story which talks of faith and distrust in the same breath.Build around the character Jennifer Sebastian, the book is an unusual saga of belief in God and true love that takes the readers through a whirlwind of events which are interspersed with hatred, greed, sex and compromises.The blend of good and evil, dreams and reality, hope and fate makes the novel a complete read that projects life through its true colours”.  
    She further writes “Rashmi has deftly handled the characters by giving the readers an insight into their mental make-up while relating the traits to some unforgettable event in their lives.Jay Kumar,Shambhu Vasan,Shantanu Arora and Deepak,Jennifers love interests at several points in her life are perfect examples of this.Copious use of adjectives and dramatic turn of events are aptly used to make Jennifers journey of love appear an uphill task for her”.
    The Fallen Love: Published by Pigeon Books, in March 2012, this book revolves round the hidden crimes of the Society.
    Sonia Safri, a reviewer writes “The story moves back-n-forth in time detailing Rohan’s present affluent status and his highly underprivileged background, during his growing up years. The dramatic and horrendous circumstances that bestow misery and grief are well highlighted by the author. And so are the sensually arousing love scenes, described quite finely without a hint of sleaze and disgust.
    Life isn’t as simple as we want it. And it shouldn’t be. Without trying moments of misery and depression how are we to enjoy the happiness and joy of success and prosperity and love, of course!
    The story shows many facets of the human nature- greed, friendship, relationships, compassion, benevolence…all tied by the thread of love.
    I would suggest you pick it up and give it a read. The story has twists that will make you sit up and take note of the adversities Rohan faces and the trials he undergoes and how he realizes that love doesn’t come easy- and that giving up is not the way to go. Fighting for the one you love shows courage and real strength and dedication.
    The author has put in a new perspective. The story shows growth for the author and her writing skills. The language used in this one shows a bold face of the modern contemporary youth. It makes you ponder on a lot many aspects, only to then realize – it is all but a story.
    An enjoyable read.”
    Taming the Restless Mind: Published by Pustak Mahal in January 2012, is a nonfiction, self help book for the youth and deals with many tabooed topics of our society, like, dating, sexually myths, divorces etc, and also topics like, communication skills, peer pressure, perseverance etc
    This is a highly acclaimed book.
    Back to School @ 30: Published again by Pustak Mahal  in September 2012,  this book is a self-help book for people in 30’s and beyond. This book is meant to help a person organise and manage one’s relationships. It delves into Sibling rivalry, Parent Child Relationship etc.

    The top four books of this site credits to Rashmi Singh’s . To buy, click here:

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