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    General Knowledge , Samanya Gyan Practice Set - 5

    This practice set consist of following topics : General Awarness(28 MCQ),

    Q.1 How many digits are there in the PIN Code number?
    [A] 5
    [B] 6
    [C] 8
    [D] It varies
    Q.2 Half volley is a term associated with
    [A] Hockey
    [B] Cricket
    [C] Tennis
    [D] Billiard
    Q.3 Gypsum is used in the case of soils which are
    [A] Saline
    [B] Alkaline
    [C] Water-logged
    [D] Clayed
    Q.4 Gerontology is the study of
    [A] Aging
    [B] Effect of light on tissue
    [C] Fungal disease
    [D] The process of communication between minds
    Q.5 Fundamental Duties were laid down by
    [A] 40th Amendment
    [B] 42nd Amendment
    [C] 39th Amendment
    [D] The original Constitution
    Q.6 Everyone knows 'The Taj Mahal'. It was built by the Emperor Shah Jahan, but for whom?
    [A] Jahani Mahal
    [B] Farida Mahal
    [C] Mumtaz Mahal
    [D] Toba Begum
    Q.7 Essay on the Principles of population was written by
    [A] Adam Smith
    [B] Malthus
    [C] herbert Spencer
    [D] hebert A. Simon
    Q.8 Duncan Pass is between
    [A] Andaman and Nicobar
    [B] North Andaman and South Andaman
    [C] North and East Andamans
    [D] India and Sri Lanka
    Q.9 Diamond and Emerald are made of
    [A] Carbon and carbon
    [B] Silica and silica
    [C] Silica and Belyllium
    [D] Carbon and Berlyllium
    Q.10 Dialysis is meant for
    [A] kidney
    [B] Gall Bladder
    [C] Lungs
    [D] Liver
    Q.11 Depreciation means
    [A] closure of a plant due to lock out
    [B] closure of a plant due to labour trouble
    [C] loss of equipment over time due to wear and tear
    [D] destruction of a plant in a fire accident
    Q.12 Deltas are formed where the shores are free of
    [A] Low tide
    [B] Hard rocks
    [C] High tide
    [D] Trees
    Q.13 Cause of inflation is
    [A] increase in money supply
    [B] fall in production
    [C] increase in money supply and fall in production
    [D] decrease in money supply and fall in production
    Q.14 By which method is energy generated by the sun?
    [A] Nuclear Fussion
    [B] Nuclear Fission
    [C] Nuclear Radiation
    [D] All of these
    Q.15 Buddha preached his first sermon at
    [A] Lumbini
    [B] Sarnath
    [C] Sanchi
    [D] Gaya
    Q.16 Aurobindo Ghosh has written
    [A] Life Divine
    [B] Divine Life
    [C] Divine Comedy
    [D] None of these
    Q.17 Arjuna Awards are given for
    [A] Outstanding contribution to sports
    [B] Exception display of gallantry
    [C] distinguishing service in the field of social service
    [D] distinguished service in cause if community developement
    Q.18 Ants are social insects because
    [A] They live in colonies
    [B] They live in forests
    [C] They have a language
    [D] They share food
    Q.19 Aligarh Muslim Universit was founded by
    [A] Sir Sikandar Hayat Khan
    [B] Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
    [C] M.A. Jinnah
    [D] Liaquat Ali Khan
    Q.20 Alberuni was a famous scholar in the court of
    [A] Akbar
    [B] Mahmud of Ghazni
    [C] Mohammed Ghori
    [D] Ala-us-din Khalji
    Q.21 After kalinda war Ashoka
    [A] Became a Buddhist
    [B] Went on to conquer other places
    [C] Realise that he was not strong enough to rule as a king
    [D] All are correct
    Q.22 Who co-founded Hotmail in 1996 and then sold the company to Microsoft?
    [A] Shawn Fanning
    [B] Ada Byron Lovelace
    [C] Sabeer Bhatia
    [D] Ray Tomlinson
    Q.23 Professor Amartya Sen is famous in which of the fields?
    [A] Biochemistry
    [B] Electronics
    [C] Economics
    [D] Geology
    Q.24 OS' computer abbreviation usually means ?
    [A] Order of Significance
    [B] Open Software
    [C] Operating System
    [D] Optical Sensor
    Q.25 Amjad Ali Khan is associated with which of the following musical instruments?
    [A] Sarod
    [B] Veena
    [C] Violin
    [D] Sitar
    Q.26 .MPG' extension refers usually to what kind of file?
    [A] WordPerfect Document file
    [B] MS Office document
    [C] Animation/movie file
    [D] Image file
    Q.27 .MOV' extension refers usually to what kind of file?
    [A] Image file
    [B] Animation/movie file
    [C] Audio file
    [D] MS Office document
    Q.28 Who is the first Indian woman to win an Asian Games gold in 400m run?
    [A] M.L.Valsamma
    [B] P.T.Usha
    [C] Kamaljit Sandhu
    [D] K.Malleshwari

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