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    General Knowledge , Samanya Gyan Practice Set - 4

    This practice set consist of following topics : General Awarness(25 MCQ),

    Q.1 Ranji trophy and Aga Khan cup are associated with
    [A] Cricket and football
    [B] Cricket and Hockey
    [C] Cricket and chess
    [D] Hockey and Cricket
    Q.2 Rajatarangini written by kalhan is
    [A] History of kashmir
    [B] An anthology of lyrics
    [C] About chandragupta's reign
    [D] None of the Above
    Q.3 President gives his resignation to the
    [A] Prime Minister
    [B] Vice-president
    [C] Chief Justice
    [D] Parliament
    Q.4 Permanent Secretariat to coordinate the implementation of SAARC programme is located at
    [A] Dhaka
    [B] New Delhi
    [C] Colombo
    [D] Kathmandu
    Q.5 Parliamentary Elections in india are organised by
    [A] The President
    [B] The Prime Minister
    [C] The Election Commission
    [D] Lok Sabha
    Q.6 of the following, the medicine for typhoid is
    [A] Chloroquin
    [B] Vitamin A
    [C] Chloromycetin
    [D] Sulpha Drugs
    Q.7 National Diary institute is at
    [A] Patiala
    [B] Anand
    [C] Karnal
    [D] Lucknow
    Q.8 NABARD is a
    [A] Board
    [B] Bank
    [C] Bureau
    [D] Department
    Q.9 Mona Lisa was painted by
    [A] Rephael
    [B] Andrea del sario
    [C] Loonardo da vinci
    [D] Rembrandt
    Q.10 Mahatma Gandhi's first experience in mass movement in india was at
    [A] Champaran
    [B] Bardoli
    [C] Chaura Chauri
    [D] Dandi
    Q.11 Mahatma Gandhi Setu is on the river
    [A] Godavari
    [B] Brahmaputra
    [C] Sutlej
    [D] Ganga
    Q.12 Mahabalipuram was established by
    [A] Pallavas
    [B] Pandyas
    [C] Colas
    [D] Chalukyas
    Q.13 Madhubani', a style of folk paintings, is popular in which of the following states in India?
    [A] Uttar Pradesh
    [B] Rajasthan
    [C] Madhya Pradesh
    [D] Bihar
    Q.14 Kalinga Award is given for
    [A] peace promotion
    [B] popularisation of science
    [C] creation of understanding among diffrent communities
    [D] exploration of outer space
    Q.15 Kalchakra ceremony is associated with which of the following ceremonies?
    [A] Hinduism
    [B] Buddhism
    [C] Jainism
    [D] Islam
    Q.16 Ju Jistu is the national game of
    [A] Spain
    [B] Japan
    [C] Canada
    [D] Scotland
    Q.17 Jamini Roy was a famous?
    [A] Producer
    [B] Painter
    [C] Dancer
    [D] Actor
    Q.18 Iron, necessary for the body, is abudantly found in
    [A] Egg
    [B] Green vegetables
    [C] Milk
    [D] Cauliflower
    Q.19 Indian Civil Services was introduced during the rule of
    [A] Lord Dalgousie
    [B] Lord Curzon
    [C] William Bentinck
    [D] Lord Cornwallis
    Q.20 In which state was Panchayti Raj first introduced?
    [A] Gujrat
    [B] Rajasthan
    [C] Andhra Pradesh
    [D] Bihar
    Q.21 In which language was Sirmad Bhagavad Gita originally written?
    [A] Sanskrit
    [B] Apabhramsa
    [C] pakriti
    [D] Pali
    Q.22 In which decade was the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) founded?
    [A] 1850s
    [B] 1880s
    [C] 1930s
    [D] 1950s
    Q.23 Hygrometer is used to measure
    [A] Specific Gravity
    [B] Density of Milk
    [C] High Tempreture
    [D] Relative humidity
    Q.24 Hydroponics is
    [A] Soil presentation techniques
    [B] instrument for measuring density of liquids
    [C] cultivating plant without using soils
    [D] soil development techniques
    Q.25 How many teams played in the first World Cup?
    [A] 13
    [B] 24
    [C] 32
    [D] 7

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