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    General Knowledge , Samanya Gyan Practice Set - 3

    This practice set consist of following topics : General Awarness(25 MCQ),

    Q.1 The last great Emperor was
    [A] Akbar
    [B] Sher Shah Suri
    [C] Aurangzeb
    [D] Shahjahan
    Q.2 The khajuraho shiva temple was built by the
    [A] Chandelas
    [B] Chalukyas
    [C] Cholas
    [D] Rajputs
    Q.3 The Indian Trade policy os best described as
    [A] Control of all trade
    [B] Control of foreign trade
    [C] Free trade
    [D] Control of exports
    Q.4 The Indian to beat the computers in mathematical wizardry is
    [A] Ramanujam
    [B] Rina Panigrahi
    [C] Raja Ramanna
    [D] Shakunthala Devi
    Q.5 The Indian delegation to the first World Conference on Human Rights was led by
    [A] Dr. Manmohan Singh
    [B] Farooq Abdullah
    [C] Dinesh singh
    [D] Alam Khan
    Q.6 The Home Rule Movement was launched by
    [A] Annie Besant
    [B] Bal Gangadhar Tilak
    [C] Mahatma Gandhi
    [D] Lala Lajpat Rai
    Q.7 The head quarters of Sahitya Akademi is at
    [A] Mumbai
    [B] Chennai
    [C] New Delhi
    [D] Kolkata
    Q.8 The Governor of state is appointed by the president on the advice of the
    [A] Chief Minister
    [B] Chief Justice
    [C] Prime Minister
    [D] Vice President
    Q.9 The Gitanjali was first published in
    [A] 1909
    [B] 1910
    [C] 1913
    [D] None of these
    Q.10 The first metal used by Man was
    [A] Iron
    [B] Copper
    [C] Alumunium
    [D] Gold
    Q.11 The first indian to get the Nobel Prize is
    [A] Rabindranath Tagore
    [B] C.V.Raman
    [C] J.C.Bose
    [D] None of these
    Q.12 The cultivation of which crop require water-logging?
    [A] Cotton
    [B] Rice
    [C] Tea
    [D] Oilseeds
    Q.13 The council of Minister is collectively responsible to the
    [A] Parliament
    [B] Lok Sabha
    [C] Rajya Sabha
    [D] Prime Minister
    Q.14 The 'City of seven Hills' is
    [A] Kathmandu
    [B] Rome
    [C] Bern
    [D] Vatican City
    Q.15 The capital was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi in
    [A] 1910
    [B] 1912
    [C] 1911
    [D] 1913
    Q.16 The book of Parsis is
    [A] Torah
    [B] Bible
    [C] Zend Avesta
    [D] Gita
    Q.17 The Battle of Plassey was fought in
    [A] 1679
    [B] 1742
    [C] 1757
    [D] 1764
    Q.18 The author of Arthashastra is
    [A] Kalidas
    [B] Chanakya
    [C] Tulsidas
    [D] Valmiki
    Q.19 The aim of economic planning should be
    [A] to increase the national income
    [B] to increase per capita income
    [C] to improve the quality of life
    [D] All of these
    Q.20 Sudden decrease of birth rate would cause
    [A] Increase in investment
    [B] increase in saving
    [C] increase in per capita income
    [D] increase in production
    Q.21 Shivaji Stadium is at
    [A] New Delhi
    [B] Bombay
    [C] Calcutta
    [D] Madras
    Q.22 Select the odd list from the following
    [A] RNJF
    [B] WSOK
    [C] KHEB
    [D] ZVRN
    Q.23 Satellite is to Orbit as projectile to
    [A] Trajectory
    [B] Range
    [C] Target
    [D] Missile
    Q.24 Richter scale is used to measure
    [A] Earthquakes
    [B] Wind intensity
    [C] Ocean Depth
    [D] Body heat
    Q.25 Rate of the rotation of the earth Earth on its axis is fastest in the month of
    [A] January
    [B] June
    [C] July
    [D] it never changes

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