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    General Knowledge , Samanya Gyan Practice Set - 2

    This practice set consist of following topics : General Awarness(25 MCQ),

    Q.1 Which is not the indo-Aryan Language?
    [A] Gujrati
    [B] Tamil
    [C] Oriya
    [D] Marathi
    Q.2 Where is national metallurgical laboratory located?
    [A] Ranchi
    [B] Jamshedpur
    [C] Dhanbad
    [D] Asansol
    Q.3 When was the Non-Cooperation Movement suspended?
    [A] 1942
    [B] 1941
    [C] 1920
    [D] 1922
    Q.4 What was the name of the original World Cup trophy?
    [A] The Jules Rimet Trophy
    [B] The Fifa Trophy
    [C] The Coupe de Monde
    [D] None
    Q.5 What occurs earthquakes?
    [A] Occurrence of underground water
    [B] Volcanic eruptions
    [C] Occurence of craks and fissures in rocks
    [D] No definite cause has been ascertained
    Q.6 What is the old name for Sri Lanka?
    [A] Spice Islands
    [B] Mandalay
    [C] Ceylon
    [D] East Pakistan
    Q.7 What is the likely impact of decrease of population on economy?
    [A] increase in per capita income
    [B] decrease in per capita income
    [C] increase in investment
    [D] decrease in savings
    Q.8 What is part of a database that holds only one type of information?
    [A] Report
    [B] Field
    [C] Record
    [D] File
    Q.9 What invention caused many deaths while testing it?
    [A] Dynamite
    [B] Ladders
    [C] Race cars
    [D] Parachute
    Q.10 What Galileo invented?
    [A] Barometer
    [B] Pendulum clock
    [C] Microscope
    [D] Thermometer
    Q.11 What Benjamin Franklin invented?
    [A] Bifocal spectacles
    [B] Radio
    [C] Barometer
    [D] Hygrometer
    Q.12 Vitamin -D deficiency causes
    [A] Pellagra
    [B] Scurvy
    [C] Rickets
    [D] None of these
    Q.13 To prepare dry ice, which is used
    [A] Nitrogen
    [B] Ammonia
    [C] Carbon dioxide
    [D] Oxygen
    Q.14 Thillana is a format of
    [A] Kuchipudi
    [B] Odissi
    [C] Baharatanatyam
    [D] Kathak
    Q.15 The universal receipient of blood belongs to the blood group
    [A] A
    [B] O
    [C] B
    [D] AB
    Q.16 The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) is located at which of the following places?
    [A] Geneva
    [B] Rome
    [C] Paris
    [D] Vienna
    Q.17 The Rath Yatra at Puri is celebrated in honour of which Hindu deity
    [A] Ram
    [B] Jaganath
    [C] Shiva
    [D] Vishnu
    Q.18 The Quit Inda Movement was organized in
    [A] 1930
    [B] 1940
    [C] 1942
    [D] 1947
    Q.19 The Public Accounts Committee is
    [A] An ad hoc committe
    [B] A standing committe of woman
    [C] A standing committe and falls under the category of finance committe
    [D] is a legislative committe
    Q.20 The planning commission was set up in
    [A] 1969
    [B] 1962
    [C] Jan, 1950
    [D] March, 1950
    Q.21 The planning commission of india is
    [A] A constitutional Body
    [B] An independent and Autonomous Body
    [C] A Satutory Body
    [D] A non-Satutory Body
    Q.22 The people of Indus Valley Civilization worshipped
    [A] Pasupati
    [B] Indra and varuna
    [C] Brahma
    [D] Vishnu
    Q.23 The original aim of the East India Company was
    [A] Colonisation
    [B] Trade
    [C] Exploitation
    [D] Expansion
    Q.24 The optical technique of recording waves and amplitude is known as
    [A] Audigraphy
    [B] Lexicography
    [C] Holography
    [D] Photography
    Q.25 The office of the UN General Assembly is in
    [A] Vienna
    [B] New York
    [C] Paris
    [D] Zurich

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